Nursery and Early Childhood Teacher Workshops

"We believe quality early childhood education should involve a little bit of creativity, a lot of movement, and some laughter with some phonics thrown in of course!"

Creativity and Playdough

It’s particularly heartbreaking to walk into a classroom of 3 and 4 year olds to see them sitting at desks all day and writing in exercise books.  Starting in Term 1 of 2017, we set about a new series of workshops specifically designed for nursery teachers to bring phonics and other critical early childhood themes to life in Gulu's nursery classrooms. These workshops cover topics such as: fine gross motor skills, imaginative play, storytelling, puppet making, playdough, and letter formation.  

Nursery Tutor’s Workshops

As part of our expansion into the world of nursery schools, we developed a 3-day workshop specifically for Nursery Tutors.  This workshop introduced the basics of our Fun of Phonics program, lesson planning and teaching strategies for nursery school and a session on how to give effective constructive feedback.