Become a part of the Story

'We believe that equipped and inspired teachers can change the story of Ugandan schools! And schools that are currently dominated by rote memorization, where 70% of grade 3-7 children cannot read a grade 2 English story, can become places of literacy, creativity, and critical thinking."

Our incredible staff of Ugandan teachers is committed to training and supporting their colleagues to ensure all children leave the early years of their education with the reading and writing skills needed to engage in expansive learning.

When Ugandan teachers create a fertile foundation for the educational lives of Ugandan children, we see them grow in their potential as readers, thinkers, and learners and can only imagine the future stories they may live out for themselves, their communities, country, and world.

Your support funds their work as transformative literacy leaders in over 75 nursery and primary schools in Gulu and Northern Uganda.

We are currently able to accept donations from the UK through Stewardship.  If you are interested in getting involved in other ways, please contact us