Our Board


Jody Unterrheiner

Executive Director

Jody Spencer (Unterrheiner) has two Bachelors in the field of education and is currently completing her Masters in International Education. She graduated from Roehampton University in London, UK, with a Bachelor in Primary Education (specialising in English) in 2007 and then more recently graduated from Charles Sturt University in Australia with a Bachelor of Teaching. Jody has taught infant classes in London, working as a primary school teacher; as well as teaching P1 to P7 in Gulu, Uganda; and teaching year 6 children in Sydney, Australia.

Jody taught at Layibi Techo Primary School from January 2013 to July 2014 where she learnt a lot about the local education system as well as the challenges teachers face in improving education standards. 

Jody’s heart is to see all primary schools in Uganda improve in their teaching of reading and writing; and also to see pupils’ reading and writing improve, lifting the standards of local primary education.

The demand for improved teaching was not limited to one school, it is across the country, so Jody decided to leave the classroom to begin working with teachers in January 2015. READ for Life was born out of this desire to see education improve and to invest in teacher training to see this happen.



David Brice

Chair of the Board

David worked alongside The Fun of Phonics project in 2015-16 for six months, just as READ for Life was forming. He currently works in Gulu, Uganda as the Country Director for The Recreation Project but is glad to stay connected to the vital work of READ for Life by serving as the Chair of the Board.

Katie Giseburt


Katie Giseburt met Jody Unterrheiner while she was a Peace Corps Volunteer and literacy specialist at Gulu Prison Primary School in 2015.  She then started volunteer with Jody doing early grade reading assessments and assisting in follow up trainings at multiple schools in the Gulu municipality. She started working with READ for Life full time in early 2017 as their Education Development Officer and Development Manager. She is passionate about engaging and quality literacy instruction, fundraising, and working towards children in Gulu having access to Afro-centric and relevant children's books! She also serves as the secretary of the organisation's board. 


Anne Matheson

General Board Member

Anne is a fellow educator in Uganda seeking to bring about change in a different part of the country. Working with READ for Life particularly in the area of training and advocating for phonics.


Rachel Buchanan

General Board Member

Rachel worked with READ for Life in 2015 and has ever since remained involved with the organization. She has taught in various educational contexts in Asia and North America. She is currently doing her Masters of Education in Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development at the University of Toronto. Her experience with Read for Life instilled in her an interest in curriculum planning that she hopes to pursue once she finishes her degree. She plans to return to Gulu soon.

Stephen Loum

General Board Member